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Digital Video Projects

Videos I planned, shot, edited, and produced.

Shot with various Sony digital camcorders and my iPhone; edited/produced using Avid, Final Cut, iMovie, Garage Band, Audacity, and the iPhone apps "Splice" and "Flipagram."

Video Poetry: I Like Tacos

"I Like Tacos" is a poem that's included in my book, The Trickster Riots. I produced and edited this video; my kiddo Ohíya and partner Dalton helped me record it (the video was made in the spring of 2021). The poem was written in January 2020. I created the video for Tipi Confessions. Tipi Confessions is a live storytelling show on sex, sexuality, and gender, featuring performance and anonymous audience confessions. Tipi Confessions highlights Indigenous, decolonial, political, humorous, creative, feminist, queer, and/or educational perspectives. Tipi Confessions shows showcase spoken word, personal narrative, erotica fiction, burlesque, live musicians, and short theatre performances.

Food Sovereignty

Ten-year-old Bella Snowbird (Ojibwe/Comanche) and her mother, Monycka, take viewers through the process of butchering chickens on their backyard farm in downtown Colorado Springs.

How to Make Duck Pemmican

A modified recipe for duck pemmican courtesy of Chef Sean Sherman (aka the Sioux Chef), who is featured in the January/February 2016 issue of Native Peoples Magazine

Rezonate Art

A video about a new Native American online art collective, which accompanied a feature story for the May/June 2014 issue of Native Peoples Magazine.

A Tribute to John Trudell

John Trudell (Santee Dakota) - poet, activist, musician, author, actor, father, uncle, brother, son, grandpa, and so much more - made his journey to the Spirit World Dec. 8, 2015. He was 69 years old. 

George Neptune: Two Spirit

Renowned basketry artist George Neptune (Passamaquoddy) takes us on a Two Spirit journey just in time for June's national LGBT Pride Month as he introduces the world to his drag-queen alter ego Lyzz Bien in an effort to create safe, more accepting spaces for Two Spirits across Indian Country.

e11 Promotional Video

This is a magical place where glue guns and sewing machines come together and allow the imaginations of children to take shape within the limitless scope of art. e11 is a local workspace studio for kids preschool through elementary age. This video was produced for their web and social media.

Dear J.K. Rowling

A plea to author J.K. Rowling from super fans Mimi & Taté Walker, who were devastated by Rowling's "History of Magic in North America" essays that stereotypically and degradingly depicted Native people and practices. 

Cher Thomas Designs

Designer Cher Thomas (Akimel O’Odahm/Maricopa/Cocopah/Yavapi) discusses cultural couture and what it takes to make Indigenous style both trendy and traditional. 

Selling Girl Scout

I volunteer as co-leader for my daughter's Girl Scout troop. This was her cookie video, which she rocked. We set up a mini-studio in our living room and had a ton of fun! 

Native Haute Couture Preview

Native Peoples Magazine sponsored the SWAIA Santa Fe Indian Market Edge 2015 Kick-off Party on Thursday, Aug. 20. This video features a sneak peek of the weekend's hottest fashion designs being showcased at the NATIVE HAUTE COUTURE Fashion Show (8/22).


Confluence: Inter-generational Collaborations opened at the Heard Museum in Phoenix February 2016. The exhibit merges many artistic voices exploring what it means to be young leaders and culture bearers in Indian Country today. 

CPCD Head Start Ballet Class

Thanks to our generous donors and volunteers at CPCD Head Start, preschoolers learn the art of classical dancing while having fun. Find out how you can be involved.

Digital Media 3.5

Filmed Summer 2012 (when my daughter was "3.5") as an entry for the local newspaper's digital content contest to show how the youngest generation used news media, and how simple the newspaper's digital content was to access and utilize. 

Magic Marble's Adoption Video

Created for a local Pit Bull rescue agency to promote one of their foster dogs, Marble. He was adopted not long after this video was posted.

Cisco Ready For His Forever Home

Created for a local Pit Bull rescue agency to promote one of their foster dogs, Cisco. He was also adopted not long after this video was posted to YouTube. 

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