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Photography Portfolio

Portraits from Walker Imag(in)ing*
Imaging with Imagination
*Copying or otherwise reproducing these images without the express permission of the photographer is prohibited. Please feel free to share these images with a link to this page and a credit to my name.

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Childhood Moments

Nothing gives me more joy than capturing the essence of childhood, whether it's the surprise of splashing water or falling snow, chasing bubbles, or giggling at a funny joke. I pride myself in relating well to all kinds of folks, but especially the kiddos. 

Indigenous Gaze


Photography that represents Native America in ways that authentically showcase our strength, beauty, and resilience. 



Talented Indigenous creatives abound and our fashion designers are on fire! The clothes and accessories they're making and selling are gorgeous testaments to traditional, contemporary, and futurist aesthetics. Support inspired Natives, not Native-inspired (motto by Eighth Generation). 

Family & Event Photography

I feel blessed to be able to say I've been a part of some pretty important events, including birthdays, weddings, family reunions, and other major milestones in people's lives. 

Senior & Business Portraits

I lumped these two together, because no one works harder than a graduating high school senior. They're studying for tests, filling out college or job applications, and posing for a  million different cameras, and I'm honored one of them is my trusty Sony. For small businesses looking to market themselves in a unique and professional way, I offer creative concepts beyond the fist-under-chin posturing.

Pet Projects

Animals (you can tell by my slideshow I'm particularly fond of canines) are so fun to photograph. They truly have the best expressions and are always eager to show off their love for their owners. When a furry creature will be present for the shoot, I always make sure to bring treats and fun props - and encourage families to do so, as well - in order to take advantage of each critter's unique personality.

Artistic Miscellaneus

Finding beauty isn't hard to do, but capturing it and developing it in unique and creative ways can be tricky, considering the time of day, distance, or even what kind of photgraphy equipment is available. Some of these photos were taken with my iPhone; most of these photos are without any filters or enhancements, but thanks to some pretty awesome online editing applications, getting a nice image can be a fun learning experience for even the most seasoned professional. 

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