Writing & Design


Project |01


Project |01 Journalism

A sampling of my published writing, including magazine and newspaper features, centerpieces, and profiles.

Project |02


Project |02 Design

I've designed billboards, TV promos, newsletters, brochures, websites, and more. I incorporate unique visuals with engaging content for audiences.

Project |03


Project |03 Odds & Ends

Viral blogs, writing awards, major local and national media covering the work I do, and having one of my photos chosen for an upcoming book are just a few of the things I'm proud to have accomplished within the last year.

This is just a sample of my work. To see more or discuss possible work >>
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Everyday Feminism

When "The Lone Ranger" came out in theaters summer 2013 I was one of many indigenous activists protesting the inaccurate and harmful representation of Native people, in particular the redface portrayed by the lead actor, who is not Native American. I wrote a poem and blog describing my frustration and it went viral: 20k hits the first day, and 10K hits the second. Many activists sites posted the blog, including Everyday Feminism.

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